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CARAT Software. Version 7.0

The most powerful software for the

professional jewelry appraisers

CARAT 7.0 - The most powerful, advanced ,comprehensive and easy to use jewelry appraisal software.

All types of Jewelry, Diamonds, Gemstones, Pearls and Watches
CARAT can document any kind of jewelry, single stone or each stone of a multi-stone piece using the information you provide.
Friendly and easy to use
All it takes are a few mouse-clicks using CARAT built in menus to create a single-item or multi-items professional certificate.
Totally Comprehensive and Customizable
CARAT enables the creation of professional quality, multiple pages appraisal documents, complete with charts, plots and an unlimited number of photos, quickly and easily.
Calculates stone weights
Simply input any diamond or gemstone measurements and CARAT will calculate the stone weight instantly. Over seventy types of gemstones and twenty different diamond and gemstone shapes are currently supported by CARAT.
Diamond’s cut grade estimator 
Cut grade chart provides five grades, from Excellent down to Poor. Our Cut Grade assistant will help you assess the cut grade of a round brilliant cut diamonds
Prints professional and attractive looking certificates
CARAT composes a professional, detailed and beautiful certificate, completely customizable with your store logo, aesthetic taste, colors and preferences.
Database maintenance and reports 
CARAT will help you build and maintain a comprehensive database of your customers and appraisals for repeat business and production of business reports.
Jewelry photos and plotting diagrams
Unlimited jewelry photos and our on screen CARAT plotting system make it easy to appraise and create any diamond or gemstone diagram.
Supports Microsoft’s Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and older versions
CARAT is compatible with all current and older versions of Microsoft Windows. It supports standalone desktop/laptop computers as well as sharing databases in a networked environment.
Free Technical support
Free technical help related to CARAT is available to registered licensed users of the programs.
NO hidden fees  
Just one time purchase charge. No annual fee, no need to replenish your appraisal bank.